Thank you for visiting, my name is Terena.  We are located 15 miles Southwest of  Boise  Idaho on five acres.  I bought my first Bulldog in 1998, started breeding in 2002.  My dogs live in the house and are part of the family with my three children.  I grew up breeding, raising and showing Arabian horses.  I started showing Bulldogs in 2006.  I have a great love and passion for the Bulldog.

My goal is to breed and raise happy, healthy Bulldogs that conform to breed standards for my next show dog.  I started health testing in 2009. I believe health tested parents make healthier puppies. Bulldogs are mild-tempered companions that have won the hearts of countless fans. Affection, intelligence and love of people are just some of the many endearing qualities  for which Bulldogs are known for.